West & East
Typomania Graphic Design Festival, Moscow

Poster for the exhibition project East West Post, as part of the Typomania Graphic Design Festival in Moscow, 2018.
"Alexander Vasin and Typomania appeared in my work at the same time. At first I thought they were two different people, but later found out they are one. I received an invitation from Alexander Vasin to participate in the creation of Typomania on the theme of West and East and to give a speech. My work and living experience came to me when I saw the theme, in which the West and the East have never been apart, like the letter W is close to E in WE. So I came to Moscow with great curiosity for Typomania. In the Museum of Moscow I was thrilled by the display of all these black and white posters and young designers. Thrilled, but also determined, I re-discovered my passion as a designer again. I also understood what Typomania means. It stands for wildness, enthusiasm, youth, passion, diligence and motivation."
This poster won the Silver Prize at the 12th International Poster Triennial Toyama in Japan (2018).